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the trusted organic CBD

Munnin Organics
Available at the highest quality…and at wholesale prices.

By partnering with Munnin Organics and working with our customer-focused wholesale pricing model, you’re able to offer premium quality CBD products at lowers costs to you.

WholeSale Prices

Munnin Organics makes work easier by working side-by-side with wholesalers and retailers across the country. We’ve created a cost structure that works for them, putting our products – and our standards for quality and performance – on their shelves.

The list of partners and distributors of Munnin’s advanced line of CBD products is growing.


Munnin Organics CBD products are sourced from organically-grown CBD plants – from small batches that are meticulously cared for and harvested by hand.


The purity of a product determines its potency. Our CBD – with our understanding of the science and physiology of absorption – make our products effective.

Minnesota Grown

Because our plants are cared for and maintained at our Minnesota farm, we are hands-on at each stage of their growth, protecting the purity of our CBD products.


From the purity of our CBD ingredients and integrity of our products to the conditions and processes at 0ur farm, Munnin Organics CBD is the organic CBD choice.

Popular Products

Highest Quality CBD for Higher Quality Living

Munnin Organics is a plant-based wellness company – learning from thousands of years of natural medicine and with a thorough understanding of the biological, anti-inflammatory, and immunity-boosting benefits of a plant-based approach to wellness.

Our products can be trusted
because our process has been proven.