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From the Farm to Your Family

At Munnin Organics, our CBD and CBG products are giving people their lives back.

Students are focusing.
Veterans and first responders are healing.
People are moving.
Families are connecting.

Pure and Simple CBD

Our hemp is organically-grown, locally-sourced, and harvested with the same kind of care that we want people to give themselves.

We buy our hemp exclusively from a single, locally-owned family farm to ensure we maintain the highest quality. We pay careful attention to the environment in which it grows, making sure it has received the nutrients and support it needs.

These high standards are how we ensure our products are the highest possible quality for our customers.


No chemicals in any of our growing means no synthetics, no fillers, and no disclaimers about man-made additives and their potential side effects.

Small Batches
At Munnin Organics, we aren’t mass producing. Our family-farmed hemp is produced in small batches, cared for in just the right way and harvested at just the right time.

About Munnin Organics

At Munnin Organics, we’re a family business working exclusively with a locally-owned family farm. We are working to make life better for everyday people who care about the quality of their lives. Our standards for our cannabinoids are the same as our standards for our business.

Authentic. Effective. Quality.

We’re producing organic CBD and CBG that is helping people live better lives – and our processes and our products reflect that.

For people who can’t move around as easily as they used to. For the student who could do better if focusing wasn’t such a challenge. For the soldier who suffers from PTSD. For the first responder who’s processing everything from work.

From the farm to your family, Munnin Organics is here to give you the support you need for the life you want.


PTSD & Depression

For veterans, first responders, and those processing trauma.

Pain & mobility

For those in chronic pain or unable to move the way they used to.

lack of focus

For people struggling to stay focused on the work in front of them.

stress & anxiety

For those with anxiety that is interfering with their ability to enjoy their lives.

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